Authentic Movement - Bath Dance Works

with Kay Mann
725-9997 or email: for further information.
Ongoing Saturday mornings  October through April  10:00-1:00 on the first and third Saturdays of the month.
Requested donation of $10.00 per session.

Authentic Movement is an improvisational movement form also known as Contemplative Dance, Tao of the Body and Essential Movement, pioneered by Mary Whitehouse in the 1970s. It requires no prior dance training, but rather a desire and willingness to explore the body’s natural impulse to move and to allow itself to be moved by the spirit. Through paying attention without judgment to what is present in our movement and the sounds, images, ideas and memories that accompany it, we call forth what is most essential. Each session will begin with a warm-up period to release tensions and enliven consciousness in the physical body using Gabrielle Roth’s 5 rhythms, (aka The Wave). The opportunity for artistic expression through visual or written media follows the movement period. Reflection on one’s experience afterward serves to ground and amplify the discoveries made.
“The moment when ‘I am moved’ is astonishing both to dancers and to people who have no intention of becoming dancers. It is a moment when the ego gives up control, stops choosing, stops exerting demands, allowing the Self to take over moving the physical body as it will. It is a moment of unpremeditated surrender that cannot be explained, repeated exactly, sought for or tried out -Mary Whitehouse, 1977